Judgment of the Berlin Regional Court (AZ: 15 O 523/15)

In light of the current situation, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

In 2015, a competitor filed a lawsuit against Torsten Weber (WEBER Prüftechnik) at the Berlin Regional Court and, with regard to the construction of the LWD WEBERconnect, asserted, among other things, that the attachment of the sensor for the settlement measurement did not comply with the technical test specification for soil and rock in road construction TP BF-Stb Part B 8.3 (2012).

An expert commissioned by the court to answer this question came to the conclusion that the attachment of the sensor complies with the technical test specification. In its decision of April 20, 2021 (AZ: 15 O 523/15), the Berlin Regional Court agreed with the expert's opinion and dismissed the claim in this respect.

The judgment islegally binding.

Torsten Weber - Tangermünde 09/29/2021




8th Asphalt Days in Dresden (Germany)

One and a half years after the seventh Asphalt Days, the traditional specialist seminar will take place again this year in Dresden in the run-up to Christmas.

In parallel to the lectures, a wide range of manufacturers will present the latest processes and products relating to asphalt. WEBER Prüftechnik is also among the exhibitors again, because before the first layer of asphalt is installed, a suitable, load-bearing substructure must be proven. Our Light Weight Deflectometer LWD WEBERconnect is particularly suitable for this in conjunction with the expanded WEBERconnect Pro-App.

The focus is on the simple and intuitive use of our LWD, as well as the professional, quick verification. The creation of PDF protocols or the automatic upload of results with measuring point information does not require any significant rework. Complete documentation is a matter of seconds with our Light Weight Deflectometer.

Visit us on December 7th - 8th, 2023 in the House of the Church, Dreikönigskirche, Hauptstraße 23, 01097 Dresden. We look forward to interesting discussions and the presentation of our testing technology.



In-house exhibition from Wansortec GmbH

The 2023 in-house exhibition of the Wansortec company from Gevelsberg was characterized by a very interested specialist audience. In a comfortable atmosphere, the numerous visitors were introduced to state-of-the-art machine control, measurement and testing technology over the course of a day. Many interesting conversations and discussions took place with music, drinks and delicious grilled food. The greatest reward for the various exhibitors was the curiosity, interest and enthusiasm of the invited guests in the products on display. The WEBER test technology stand was also always well attended, for which I would like to thank those interested. Thanks also go to the Wansortec team, who prepared the event very well. Let's all look forward to a repeat in the coming years.


to buy light weight deflectometer with app

to buy light weight deflectometer with app

NEW - Update WEBERconnect App

We are constantly working on improving and expanding our WEBERconnect app, which was launched in 2019, in order to implement customer requests, add languages and offer new functions.

The WEBERconnect app currently has nine different languages. Other languages are optionally available. Functions such as "Group measurement", "Receipt printing" or "Way back to the measuring point" are new applications which are available in addition to the existing "One-click documentation" or the "Automatic data upload". In the settings, different "users" can be stored with contact details and logos. The app can be paired with any number of LWD serial numbers. In this way, different LWD can be controlled or read out individually with a smartphone.

Documentation options for the measurement results LWD WEBERconnect

1. Evidence by transmission of text files (automated)

2. Creation of PDF reports (automated)

to 1.

The text files contain all important information of the respective measurements

(e.g. also location coordinates). The CSV files can be downloaded in the online mode of the

Smartphones can be sent manually or automatically in real time. In addition

the server and a port are stored in the WEBERconnect app. After every

Measurement is the result within 50ms on the stored server


to 2.

The user measures offline on a building project A. In doing so, he writes the once

first measurement in the app and creates a measuring point photo. At subsequent

measurements, the labeling is adopted in each case. This saves time. The user

generates additional measuring point photos if required. After completing all measurements

the user may change to another building project.

There he overwrites the construction project A proposed by the app. The app lays it down

automatically a new folder in the history (e.g. building project B). Became

all measurements for the construction project B carried out, the user returns to the office

return. Arrived in the home WLAN, the smartphone is now online.

The user opens the history. There are two folders (construction project A and

construction project B). The user selects either folders or individual measurements

and then click the "Create logs" button. No matter how many folders, no matter how

many individual measurements are marked, with just one click all

desired PDF reports are generated at the same time. It's hardly faster.

The entire documentation is done in a few seconds. The lesser

Time investment saves a lot of time and money over the years.



In-house exhibition infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH

At this year's in-house exhibition of infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH, WEBER Prüftechnik, represented by Torsten Weber, was a guest in Brackenheim from May 10th to 12th. In addition to the static load plate test, the dynamic load plate test was also presented at the field test equipment stand. For this purpose, the test setup with the Light Weight Deflectometer LWD WEBERconnect was modeled on a rubber mat. With the measured values ​​artificially generated in this way, wireless transmission directly from the load plate to a smartphone could be presented. With the help of the WEBERconnect app, it is possible to generate a complete measurement log in PDF format with just a few clicks and then share it (by e-mail or via various social media platforms). The app also offers the option of wirelessly controlling a mobile printer. The so-called receipt printouts contain measurement results, information on the construction project, as well as the name of the executing company and its company logo. I would like to thank you for the invitation and the warm welcome in the team.

Torsten Weber


Extension of the approval - calibration center WEBER Prüftechnik

On October 27, 2021, our in-house calibration stand was subjected to an on-site acceptance test by a representative of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). A number of tests were carried out to determine whether the required accuracies were met in the force and displacement measurements. The result of this review was known just a few days later.

On November 2nd, 2021, the existing recognition of the WEBER Prüftechnik calibration center was extended by five years. We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers calibrations according to TP BF-StB (2012 edition) Part 8.3.

Certificate from the Federal Highway Research Institute

Certificate from the Federal Highway Research Institute


Grant of patent No. 10 2015 105 934.7

In 2014, the company WEBER Prüftechnik, owner Torsten Weber, developed a new generation of drop-weight devices. The specification for the hardware was, among other things, a catch handle, which should have an almost square shape, generous grip openings, a solid thickness and an unmistakable design.

One design stood out among several drafts. Due to its excellent user properties and its unmistakable character, this design was used in the LWD WEBERconnect. Because the shape met all the requirements so perfectly, a patent was applied for for the catch handle in 2015.

Six years later, patent no.10 2015 105 934.7 was granted and can now be viewed on the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Catch handle LWD WEBERconnect

Catch handle LWD WEBERconnect


WEBER Prüftechnik - now an official approved and certified calibration center

In the past few months, a modern calibration stand and our own calibration software have been developed in cooperation with various business partners. Both deviate from the previous state of the art. Wireless data transmission between the Light Weight Deflectometer and the calibration stand, as well as a significant reduction in physically heavy work on the calibration stand, were the focus of the planning from the start. These goals were achieved.

After completion, the calibration stand was official approved and certified by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).This makes WEBER Prüftechnik one of several calibration centers Light Weight Deflectometer recognized in Germany. All Light Weight Deflectometer are calibrated according to the currently valid calibration regulation TP BF-Stb Part B 8.4 (edition 2016).

Thanks to the newly acquired flexibility, we can now offer an even more customer-oriented service.


  • calibration stand
  • certificate with the recognition
  • WEBER calibration plaque




Grant of patent No. 10 2015 104 828

In 2013, WEBER Prüftechnik placed a development order for electronics, its associated firmware, and a measuring unit for a new type of Light Weight Deflectometer.

The implementation of various new ideas, many practical tests, and various CE-tests should be completed in just 21 months. This was a big challenge for everyone involved. Before the result, our new Light Weight Deflectometer LWD WEBERconnect, was published in September 2015, WEBER Prüftechnik had the most important innovations secured as part of a German patent application.

Almost five years later, patent No. 10 2015 104 828 was granted and can now be researched on the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office. The following attachment shows the certificate issued to us.

German Patent No. 10 2015 104 828

German Patent No. 10 2015 104 828


6. asphalt days Dresden

6. asphalt days Dresden

6. asphalt days Dresden

The asphalt days take place in Dresden every two years. In the house of the Dreikönigskirche, the participants can visit our small exhibition stand in addition to many specialist lectures. The second app "WEBERconnect" was completed in time for the start of the exhibition, which we are introducing to interested parties and customers for the first time.

With this app it is possible to replace the handheld that was previously supplied. Except for printing on site, the app contains all the usual functions. In the future, either send your measurement results to the office as a raw file and read them into the WEBER PC software, or send your measurement data as a text file to a client server, for example. Third option, create test reports in PDF format using the app. The logs contain your company header and the company logo. Measurement results, measurement curves, all labels and a photo of the measurement point are also included. The created PDF protocol can also be sent directly from the construction site. Conclusion: A visit to our stand should be worthwhile. The Christmas market in front of the Dreikönigskirche also attracts visitors.


Light Weight Deflectometer on 6. asphalt days Dresden

Light Weight Deflectometer on 6. asphalt days Dresden


No - there was no ceremony for the anniversary. Retrospectives of ten or more years are more suitable for this. Nevertheless, we are proud to look back on the results achieved over the past five years. These results were not only achieved through the hard work of everyone involved, but above all through the trust placed in us by all customers at home and abroad. We are particularly proud of this and would like to thank all of our customers in ten countries around the world.

We are also proud of our LWD WEBERconnect Light Weight Deflectometer. We developed this in 2013/14. New ideas, modern technologies and previously unused transmission channels were used. For example, the final results were now calculated for the first time in the load plate of a Light Weight Deflectometer and no longer in an additional computing unit. This technology currently makes it possible to transmit the results wirelessly to end devices, such as mobile phones, and thus optionally use the handheld previously used.

Our new method for calculating the deflection data was also unknown before our LWD was launched. In contrast to conventional calculations, the LWD WEBERconnect transforms acceleration data from time ranges into frequency ranges. This enables the acceleration data to be cleaned up significantly more effectively by suppressing interference frequencies. The benefits of this new technology are of the utmost importance to us. We have therefore protected them under a German patent (patent number: 10 2015 104 828).

We are looking forward to the challenges of the coming years. We already have ideas on how we can continue to consolidate in the market.

Let's tackle it together.

Torsten Weber



The new WEBERconnect app


Function: click here

With the new WEBERconnect app, there is now a direct, wireless interface between an LWD WEBERconnect Light Weight Deflectometer and an Android smartphone. With the new app, the LWD WEBERconnect can be controlled and read.

All our Light Weight Deflectometer not only determine the settlements in the load plate, but also calculate the Evd value in the load plate and output this as a result together with the s/v value, the curves, the date and the time. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible, to replace the previously supplied handheld, which functions as a pure display device and printer, with the new WEBERconnect app (without printing function) or to supplement it.

Thus, the delivery can be reduced by one module. So if you do not necessarily have to print on the construction site, you can do without the handheld when purchasing it in the future.

Since the WEBERconnect app is also used exclusively for display purposes and not for calculating the results, it is also not necessary to enter a calibration factor into the app. For calibration purposes, as usual, only the load plate and its associated loading device are needed.

The WEBERconnect app now makes it possible to transmit measurement results in real time to a given server. Thanks to this innovative technology, future requirements can already be met today, in which all data and information of a construction project be entered in a database specified by the client/contractor without manipulation.

Alternatively, this app can be used to generate and send individual and group logs including the company header in PDF format. If you would like to use the WEBER PC software for documentation, you can use the app to send the encoded raw measurement data directly from the construction site to the office.

After extensive testing, the WEBERconnect Lite App has been available for download and free of charge from the Google Play Store since October 01, 2019. The second version, our WEBERconnect app, with additional features is currently being developed. Their market launch is planned later this year.

The WEBERconnect Lite app works in German and English. Other languages are available as options. The app is compatible with all LWD WEBERconnect fall weight devices already on the market. Prerequisite is only a firmware update of the load plate.


All measured values for illustration only !


Earthworks Symposium 2019 in Potsdam / Germany

WEBER Prüftechnik is an exhibitor at the Earthworks Symposium 2019 in Potsdam. The conference is organized by German association "FGSV-Verlag".

We present to the trade visitors our novateur Light Weight Deflectometer - the LWD WEBERconn

Earth- and foundation construction conference 2019

Earth- and foundation construction conference 2019

Exhibition load plate

Exhibition load plate

LWD WEBERconnect

LWD WEBERconnect


sales and service partner in Hungary

On the 3rd of February 2019 we welcomed two representatives of our new business partner A + B Méréstechnikai Kft. from Budapest.

On Sunday we made a city tour through the more than 1000-years old city of Tangermünde. On Monday the practical training at the LWD WEBERconnect began, as well as the theoretical instructions on the subjects of testing, evaluation and logging.

In 2018 we did several business together. The cooperation has now been contractually sealed as part of a country representation for Hungary. From now on, the Hungarian language is available in the LWD WEBERconnect and in the original brochures. At the end of February, our LWD will be presented in Hungary at a conference of road construction.



growing demands

In order to meet the growing demands in the future, the capacities of WEBER Prueftechnik have been expanded. In 2018 an electronics master was hired. His experience can be used in production and service.

In addition a second company site was purchased. An existing building will be renovated and rebuilt in the near future. Later the production and service will be housed in this building.




12. - 15. September 2018 in Nürnberg

Visit us at one of the most important European trade fairs around the gardening and landscaping! Together with the company K + M Vermessungstechnik GmbH, we present our current Light Weight Deflectometer, including accessories. You will find us in Hall 7 at Stand 131. We look forward to interesting discussions.

Light Weight Deflectometer GaLaBau 2016 Nürnberg

Light Weight Deflectometer GaLaBau 2016 Nürnberg


First comic about Light Weight Deflectometer

As the first manufacturer of lightweight deflectometers, we launched a comic yesterday. The small video shows the easy operation of the LWD WEBERconnect.

The plot in the comic does not need a language. The content of the film is understood worldwide purely visually.

In addition, play in the plot two funny cartoon characters. Let yourself be surprised! We wish all users a lot of fun watching!

Click here!


First comic about Light Weight Deflectometer

First comic about Light Weight Deflectometer


Market extension Poland

Today we supply the first "LWD WEBERconnect" Light Weight Deflectometers to our Polish neighbors. The company ToRoPol from Warsaw, has taken over the distribution and service for our devices in Poland. We are very happy about the new cooperation and deliver our Light Weight Deflectometer with a Polish firmware. With this equipment the device in Poland can be immediately used effectively.

The first LWD WEBERconnect for Poland

The first LWD WEBERconnect for Poland

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