LWD Accesories

WEBER Transport Box

The robust WEBER Transport Box is used for the protected transport of the LWD. The box consists of double-walled aluminum plates and an aluminum frame. The individual parts of the LWD are taken out of the box in the "appropriate order" and vice versa. The user first takes the load plate, positions it at the test point and only then takes the weight out of the box. The weight does not have to be stored on the construction site in the meantime. Since the load plate is stored diagonally in the box, the WEBER Transport Box is the "narrowest" of its kind at just 25 cm wide. The WEBER Transport Box even protects the deflectometer in the event of a fall from a height of 2 m. A generous ventilation guarantees the drying of the LWD, if it was packed wet. Of course, the box has a pair of wheels for easier transport on smooth surfaces.

The WEBER Transport Box is very well suited for recurring calibration transports. Its narrow design ensures reduced transport costs.



WEBER Transport Trolley

The WEBER Transport Trolley enables easy and safe transport of the LWD WEBERconnect deflectometer across the construction site. The trolley, which is specially made of stainless steel, has a fork mount that easily slides into the two recesses of the LWD mounting pin and thus carries the load plate including the loading device. In addition, it has a mount for a magnetic stand and is easy to disassemble into two parts. This means that the trolly fits into any trunk. The WEBER Transport Trolley can be retrofitted for all LWD WEBERconnect deflectometers.


Features of the new WEBER Transport Trolley

- light, robust and made entirely of stainless steel

- optimally balanced

- functional (mounts for LWD and magnetic stand)

- dismountable (in axis and handle bar)

- wide axle (does not tilt to the side even when loaded)

- has approx. 10 cm ground clearance (suitable for construction sites)

- foam-filled wheels (flat tires excluded)

- wheel hubs with roller bearings (for smooth running)

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