Dynamic Load Plate Test with the LWD WEBERconnect


Testing the load-bearing capacity of soil, gravel or mineral mixtures is essential in road construction and civil engineering. As part of quality assurance, compaction checks are required and serve as proof of services rendered. These verifications can be carried out quickly and easily with the modern Light Weight Deflectometer LWD WEBERconnect.

The Dynamic Load Plate Test procedure is regulated throughout Germany in technical test specificationTP BF-Stb Part B 8.3 (2012).

The dynamic deformation modulus is determined within a few minutes. With this, conclusions can be drawn about the load-bearing capacity of soil, gravel or mineral mixtures and their compaction. The procedure forms the optimal supplement to the static load plate test. Due to the easy handling, large test batches can quickly be subjected to a large number of random samples.

Self-checks by the construction company already during the installation of materials contribute to compliance with the specifications. Documentation for the client as well as the entire monitoring of the load-bearing capacity and compaction in the construction site reflect the areas of application of the LWD WEBERconnect Light Weight Deflectometer.

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