dynamic load plate test

Using of Light Weight Deflectometer


The dynamic load plate test is used to quickly test the carrying capacity of soils, mineral mixtures, as well as sand and gravel. The LWD is an inexpensive alternative to the elaborate static plate pressure test. These are practicable with the LWD WEBERconnect in an easy and rapid way.

Within a few minutes the compaction control will be established. With that rapid conclusions to bearing capacity of soil, gravel or mineral aggregates as well as the compaction can deduce. This process is the complement to the static load plate compression test. Owning to the easy operation, extensive testing areas can subject rapid with a high number of spot checks. During the fitting of the material, the self-monitoring of the constructor contributes to the fulfilment of the guideline according to tendering. Documentations towards the client as well as the whole surveillance of the bearing capacity and compaction of the construction reflect the field of application of the LWD WEBERconnect.

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